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Washington Lawmakers Are Trying To Protect Orcas

Paws Up!
April 5, 2018

To the Washington Senate for passing The Orca Whale Protection Act that would help protect orca whale populations near Washington.

Marine life is alluring and mysterious.  Orca whales are among those alluring creatures that evoke respect.  These powerful, intelligent creatures live in pods and have methodical hunting strategies.  They are apex predators meaning they are at the top of the food chain. Male orcas can live an average of 30 years, whereas female orcas live up to 50.

According to a recent news article, due to the increase in oil transportation in the waters off of Washington state, Senator Kevin Ranker (D–40th District) has introduced Senate Bill 5886 to help protect the orca population that lives there.  This bill would require oil tankers to avoid a buffer for orca pods and decrease noise pollution.

Take Action:  Washington residents, contact your House Representative to show your support to help protect the orca population.  See example letter below:

{Representative’s Name}
City, State, Zip

                                                              RE:  The Orca Whale Protection Act (SB 5886)

The Honorable {Representative’s Name},

I am a resident of {Your City}, Washington, and am writing to ask that you support The Orca Whale Protection Act.  I love nature and enjoy observing the marine animals off our coast.  I am concerned for their well-being as our export traffic increases. Senate Bill 5886 introduced by Senator Kevin Ranker (D–40th District,) would help protect our orca whale population by requiring oil tankers to respect a buffer zone for the pods in the area.  Thank you for your consideration in helping to preserve these beautiful, apex creatures.


{Your Name}
{Your Address}


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2 responses to “Washington Lawmakers Are Trying To Protect Orcas”

  1. Sarah Stewart says:

    SO glad that folks are working together for Orcas!

  2. Laura Posada says:

    Our whales are too precious to risk please consider how endangered they are and protect them at all costs, thanks Laura

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