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TN Enacts the First Statewide Animal Abuse Registry

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To the Tennessee Legislature for enacting S.B. 1024 to create a statewide animal cruelty animals

In a recent news article, effective January 1, 2016, animal abuse offenders in Tennessee are required to register in an online database. Abusers will stay in the registry for two to five years depending on their conviction. Senate Bill 1024, known as the Tennessee Animal Abuse Registration Act, was introduced by Senator Jeff Yarbro (D) who introduced the bill with the hope that other states will follow suit to help protect animals from horrific violence. State Representative David Jernigan (D), a sponsor of S.B. 1024, is also hoping to make S.B. 1024 stronger in the future.

Take Action:
If you are a Tennessee resident, contact Senator Jeff Yarbro to show your support of this landmark law. For all non-residents, contact your state representative to request that a similar bill be passed in your state.

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