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Summer Pet Care

Summer activities are upon us from outdoor games and picnics to camping and beach vacations. When including your furry companion(s) in these activities, remember these important rules to help keep them safe amidst all of your fun in the sun.

  1. Hydrate–keep lots of fresh, cool water accessible. Consider adding ice cubes to water dishes or using deeper dishes to help keep the water cooler for longer. Keep a lookout for signs of dehydration such as lethargy, excessive panting, and loss of skin elasticity.
  2. Shade–keep in mind ways to get a reprieve from the sun when planning your outings. While on a walk, choose shadier areas in the summertime, or walk during the early morning hours or late evening hours. Cats and dogs cannot sweat like humans in order to cool themselves down, and therefore can succumb to heat stroke. Some of the signs include lethargy, loss of appetite, weakness, and distressed breathing.
  3. Flea/Tick Prevention–remember to apply flea and tick preventative monthly to help reduce the risk of flea or tick-transmitted diseases. Check for ticks after they have been outdoors. Ignoring this important regime may lead to more serious conditions such as tapeworms or Lyme disease.

Remember never leave your companion animal(s) unattended in a vehicle. The temperature inside the vehicle can rise to dangerous levels in a matter of minutes. Keep them safe at home if they cannot be with you.


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One response to “Summer Pet Care”

  1. Pat Massey says:

    I work with our shelter/rescue (Pet Partners) here in Rawlins and I am going to copy this to hand out to everyone. Thank you for your message.

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