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Ponce's Law Would Keep FL Pets Out of The Hands of Animal Abusers

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November 9, 2017

To Florida Rep. Tom Leek, who introduced the bill “Ponce’s Law” that would allow judges to ban convicted animal abusers in Florida from owning pets.

Ponce’s Law, also known as HB 473, was named for a Labrador puppy who was found beaten to death, allegedly by his owner in April 2017. The owner is facing felony animal cruelty charges. The bill would allow Florida judges to prohibit convicted animal abusers from owning pets.  Justice For Ponce, has collected over 70,000 signatures on an online petition.

Take action. Florida residents, contact your representatives, and urge them to support Ponce’s Law!

Re: H.B. 471 aka Ponces Law

Dear {Representative’s Name}:

My name is {Your Name} and I am writing to ask that you support  “Ponce’s Law” which would enable judges to bar convicted animal abusers from owning pets. Abusive acts against animals arise out of an offender’s desire to inflict terror and pain upon other living creatures. Violent acts against animals are well-documented as one of the earliest and most reliable predictors of later acts of violence. Please support Ponce’s law to keep defenseless animals out of the grasp of abusers!


{Your Name} 



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