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Arkansas Factory Farms Protected by Ag-Gag Law

Paws Down!

To Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson for passing House Bill 1665, an ag-gag law.

The abuse and inhumane slaughter of factory farmed animals throughout the United States is appalling. Surveillance by animal welfare organizations often been at times been conducted on an undercover basis, and has led to reforms and increased public knowledge of what actually transpires in U.S. factory farms.  The leading producers of animal products have tried to stifle these incriminating findings and protect their businesses by lobbying for the introduction of “ag-gag” laws, which criminalize the surveillance of factory farms, even when the surveillance sheds light on unlawful animal abuse and/or sanitation violations. Arkansas is listed as one of the five leading states in poultry production and, ironically, recently joined North Carolina, Utah, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, and Missouri in successful passage of an ag-gag law.

According to a recent news article, House Bill 1665 was signed into law by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson March 23, 2017. This law bans  individuals for the “unauthorized use” of procured information that would harm their business. Individuals may incur fines of $5,000 per day for investigations of abuses on factory farms.

To learn more about factory farmed animals used in the production of food, fur,  and premarin, please download our free brochures.

Take Action:  To help decrease the suffering of animals in factory farms, adopt a more animal-friendly diet by eating less meat or becoming a vegetarian or vegan.  


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