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NHES Helping Animal Hoarding Victims Recover, Begin New Lives

“Skittles” was one of the puppies freed from the overcrowded house.

In a small rental house in West Virginia, a woman living alone had managed to accumulate over 30 dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.  Upon learning of the dangerous and inhumane conditions in the home, the landlord contacted NHES’ flagship animal care facility, The Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC), to request urgent help.  In hoarding situations like these, conditions deteriorate quickly resulting in short, miserable lives for any animal that is a victim.  BAAC staff eagerly agreed to help, and began preparations for the rescue.

When the animals arrived, they were suffering from flea infestations and eye infections.  They were also undernourished and lacked socialization.  Since their arrival, these animals have gained much-needed weight, received their core vaccinations, undergone spay/neuter surgeries, and are now enjoying daily socialization with staff and volunteers.

We are thrilled to see the progress made by our little champions.  Today, many of the dogs and cats are ready to begin their new lives with adoptive families.

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