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Los Angeles Votes to Put an End to Fur Sales

Paws Up!

To the Los Angeles City Council, for voting unanimously to ban the sale of fur within the city.



Los Angeles has recently taken steps to join the ranks with West Hollywood, Berkeley, and San Francisco in becoming a fur-less city. From mink stoles to “lucky” rabbits’ feet, the city of Los Angeles is taking a stand against cruelty. After much evidence was presented about the inhumane and tortuous practices used in the fur trade, the LA city council voted in solid agreement that an ordinance should be in place to prevent the sale of fur within the city, according to this article. The council is waiting for the ordinance to be written and they will vote again, followed by a final decision by the mayor.

About 3 million minks are killed for their fur every year in the United States.

Animals in the fur industry are bred to live in small, cramped cages with no quality of life until they are stunned, killed, and skinned. These animals are living, breathing creatures who experience pain, loneliness, and trauma. Although steps have been taken in recent years to regulate fur farms to improve animals’ living conditions, these restrictions are difficult to enforce and maintain. The answer is to stop buying and selling fur. As the demand for fur plummets, the fur industry will have to lower their supply, thus reducing the suffering of animals in the fur business as much as possible.

Take Action:       You can make a difference by being a compassionate consumer. Do not purchase clothing made from animal fur and encourage your friends and family to do the same. You can also contact the Los Angeles City Council here: Thank them for supporting animal welfare and for taking a stand against cruelty!

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