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Do You Know A Child Who Loves Animals? Get Them Involved!

At the NHES Campus, our staff keep an open front door. We never know who might pay us a visit. However, when a child walks through the door, we smile. We know that when children come to visit, they frequently come with the purpose of helping.

Take Layla Brewer for example. As Layla’s 11th birthday approached, she did not feel that any of her “wants” really held up against the needs of animals without homes. So, in lieu of birthday gifts, she asked for donations to care for the animals at NHES’ flagship adoption facility, The Briggs Animal Adoption Center. Then there are sisters Lexi and Talia, and their cousin Gianna. While collecting donations for people without homes, the girls realized that there are homeless animals too. So they adjusted their campaign, and began collecting supplies for needy humans and animals. Also, 14-year-old Josh Kilbride (pictured), who is a junior therapy dog handler, regularly volunteers with his therapy dog, Apollo, at NHES education programs.

Charitable giving and volunteerism boost self-esteem and helps us become more cognizant of the needs of others. Because most children readily connect with animals, animal welfare is a natural place to begin introducing a child to charity. Take a child on a field trip to an animal rescue near you, or watch an age-appropriate video about adoptable animals. Toddlers, who may not understand that $5 can translate into food for a hungry animal, may learn by assembling treat bags for a local animal rescue. Older children could create an item to raffle. In some cases, teens can donate their time through volunteerism. For more information on ways to get your child or classroom involved in animal charity, email
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