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Florida May Vote to Ban Greyhound Racing in 2019!

Paws Up!
March 8, 2018

To Florida Senator Tom Lee (R-District 20) for introducing Proposal 67 to ban greyhound racing in the state of Florida.

Florida’s Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) is now evaluating new proposed changes to the Florida State Constitution. As part of this process, the CRC holds public hearings and accepts public comments to learn about issues that matter most to Floridians.

 One new law under consideration is Proposal 67 — which proposes to ban greyhound racing in Florida by the end of 2019!

 If Proposal 67 passes the CRC’s final vote in May, 2018, it will be placed on Florida’s General Election ballot (November 6, 2018). Once on the ballot, it must secure at least 60 percent voter approval to become law. The CRC must submit its final report to the Florida Secretary of State by May 10, 2018. Proposals passed by the CRC will be put to vote on the November 2018 General Election ballot.

Take action. Please tell the Florida CRC that you support Proposal 67 to ban greyhound racing! Feel free to use NHES’ sample action letter below.

Re: Support Proposal 67 To Ban Greyhound Racing

Dear Commissioners,

 I am writing to express my support of Proposal 67, which would ban greyhound racing in Florida. Racing greyhounds endure broken legs, heart attacks, and spinal cord injuries. Off the track, they have a low quality of life, spending most of their time in stacked kennels or outdoor enclosures where they are exposed to the elements. Most enclosures are not heated or air-conditioned.

 Some dogs are lucky enough to be sent to rescue groups after they are no longer competitive on the track. At the rescues, their care is not paid for by the breeders or casinos, but by charitable donors.  Other dogs as young as five or six years of age are destroyed or put to use as breeding stock, continuing the cycle of suffering.

Greyhound racing is illegal in 40 U.S. states for good reason. It is economically wasteful, inhumane, and not in-keeping with a civilized society. Please, give Floridians an opportunity to vote on this issue during the November 2018 General Election.

With great appreciation,

[Your Name]

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3 responses to “Florida May Vote to Ban Greyhound Racing in 2019!”

  1. Christine Nassikas says:

    Please help stop this cruelty and pass 67

  2. Joe Robinett says:

    Never hurt an animal, for innocence is our truth.

  3. Karen K. Peterson says:

    let us not be a nation of people who derive pleasure from the suffering of other sentient Beings.

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