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Federal Government Moves to Delist Gray Wolf to Aid Ranchers

Paws Down!

To the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources for supporting H.R. 6784, the “Manage Our Wolves Act,” which would move to delist gray wolves from the Endangered Species List.



On September 26th, the Committee on Natural Resources voted in favor of  the Manage Our Wolves Act, which would remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List. This bill, introduced last month by Wisconsin Republican Sean Duffy, would remove all federal protections for gray wolves in the lower contiguous 48 states. Proponents of the bill argue that gray wolves are a threat to free-roaming livestock, causing monetary losses for ranchers who are given permission by the U.S. government to use public lands for livestock grazing.

The gray wolf was first added to the Endangered Species List in the early 1970’s after its habitat was taken by settlers for hundreds of years. Only until the 1990’s did the future of the gray wolf begin to brighten, with the natural migration of thousands of wolves from Canada to Yellowstone National Park. Since then, government entities such as the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management have been slowly stripping away these federal protections in order to safeguard ranchers’ livestock which are encroaching on public lands, claiming that the wolves are a nuisance to free-grazing cattle. Agencies have even resorted to shooting wolf pups from a helicopter.

Take Action:

U.S. citizens, the future of the gray wolf is in your hands! Contact your representatives and implore them not to support the Manage Our Wolves Act. See example letter below:


{Representative’s Name}
City, State, Zip

                                                              RE:  Manage Our Wolves Act (H.R. 6784)

Dear {Representative’s Name},

The killing of gray wolves, who have been on the Endangered Species List for over fifty years, is a senseless and vile act brought on by the fear of monetary losses for cattle ranchers who are using public lands to feed their cattle. These lands have long been the home of the gray wolf, and over several years, the gray wolf has given up more and more of his habitat to the benefit of public land ranching. Please oppose H.R. 6784, which would remove federal protections for gray wolves in the lower 48 states. They are endangered animals for a reason. Do not let history repeat itself! Vote “No” on the Manage Our Wolves Act, and insist that there is a better solution than the extermination of this majestic and rare species. Thank you for your consideration.


{Your Name}
{Your Address}

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