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West Virginia Senate Takes Step Forward in Animal Welfare with "Winston's Bill"

Speaking up for animals can make a huge difference!

December 27, 2018

In July of 2018, a nine-year-old Yorkie with cataracts in both eyes was found in a zipped up bag in a ditch alongside the road in Marion County, West Virginia. Although his case was dire, the local community and animal welfare organizations rallied around him and raised thousands of dollars to remove his cataracts and nurse him back to health. Now named Winston, he is flourishing with a new family while his tragic story is making big changes to how West Virginia views animal abuse.

Titled “Winston’s Bill,” this law would make it easier for prosecutors to seek felony convictions against animal abusers, even when it is difficult to prove the actor did or did not intend to inflict pain on the animal. The bill would also add a felony charge to repeat offenders, rather than give multiple misdemeanor charges to the same offenders committing the same crimes.

The bill is in its very early stages in the senate. However, supporters hope to have more bipartisan support in the beginning of 2019 to make this bill a reality.

Take Action: West Virginians, contact your state senators and urge them to support “Winston’s Bill” and other animal welfare legislation!

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4 responses to “WV Takes a Step Forward in Animal Welfare with “Winston’s Bill””

  1. Eileen says:

    Now if there would be a National Registry for abused animals, this dog could be posted and ask for help identifying the owner and charges could be brought against him/her. The fines imposed against the former owners should be in the thousands, and also post the names and alias names. I think every state should push their state representatives on every level to get a national Registry, and Vets too should push for this. People this like who abuse animals are also 90% likely to do this to humans also, and they to be brought to justice and jailed.

  2. rudy wolf says:

    Bring out a law that makes jail time mandatory, along with a large fine.and also community service at shelters for animals.this law must be put into motion now.too many animals are abused in this country.we must set an example, of all abusers.and it must be harsh.

  3. lilly holdridge says:

    It would be great if all animal abusers could be identified and charged with a felony charges. I do pray WINSTON’S Bill passes. We need a bill like this in every state. It is time all people realize animals feel the same as people feel. End animal abuse.

  4. Kelly Loehe says:

    I have believed in an animal abusers registry for as long as I can remember. This dog probably brought love to his owner(s) for years. There is absolutely no excuse in the world to another a living creature in a bag.

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