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VA Statewide Ban on Dog Tethering Rejected

Paws Down!

To the Virginia House of Delegates for voting 7-1 against a bill that would have restricted the tethering of dogs.

Dogs are social animals that enjoy being in part of a pack. When isolated outside on a chain for extended periods of time, they suffer from boredom, aggression, and are vulnerable to inclement weather and altercations with roaming animals.  According to a recent news article, Delegate John J. Bell (D-Chantilly) introduced HB 1802 that would have prohibited animals from being tethered outside without owner supervision.  Unfortunately, HB 1802 was rejected with a 7-1 vote.  If the bill had passed, a Virginia resident found in violations of the law would have faced a Class 4 misdemeanor for a 1st offense, which  would have required a fine of up to $250. A second offense would have been punishable as a Class 3 misdemeanor, entailing a fine of up to $500.  

To learn more about the negative effects of prolonged tethering, please download our free brochure.

Take Action:  Virginians, contact your legislators to show your support for a statewide ban on animal tethering.  Other residents, support similar legislation in your area.

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