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Update: U.S. District Court Blocks Bureau of Land Management on Inhumane Experiments on Horses


Paws Up! 

To the U.S. District Court for stopping cruel and inhumane experiments on wild horses in Oregon.


Last month, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was moving forward with plans to implement dangerous surgeries on wild mares in Oregon, despite opposition by scientists and veterinarians who deemed the experiments inhumane and unsafe.

This week, the U.S. District Court Judge Michael Mosman issued a court order to stop the BLM from proceeding with their plan until the courts make a final ruling on the case. Animal rights groups have filed lawsuits with the BLM claiming the agency is violating 1st Amendment rights by forbidding citizens from observing the experiments which would take place on public lands.

Click here to read our original story.

Take Action: Contact the Bureau of Land Management and express your concerns about their inhumane and reckless methods to curb the wild horse population in the United States. Demand that the BLM use government funds to protect the welfare of wild animals rather than waste them on unnecessary and harmful experiments that are not backed by partnering universities or the National Academy of Sciences.

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