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Spirituality/Pet Loss

Animal_ethics_theology  Animal Ethics and Theology: The Lens of the Good Samaritan by Daniel K. Miller
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2012
The author looks at the relationship between humans and nonhuman animals through the lens of the Christian ethic.
 animal_grace Animal Grace: Entering a Spiritual Relationship with Our Fellow Creatures
by Mary Lou Randour
New World Library, 2000
Randour urges us to make two basic commitments on behalf of animals: expand our awareness and take compassionate action. She shows how animals, both domestic and wild, can help us heal our illnesses, cope with death, learn to love, and expand our consciousness.
 animals_and_world_religions Animals and World Religions by Lisa Kemmerer
Oxford University Press, 2012
The author provides a wealth of well-documented information about the world’s religions and their view on the care and protection of animals. From indigenous religions through Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions, the author paints the picture that honoring animals as sacred beings unto themselves can be found in all the ancient writings. She makes few judgments about what members of these religions are doing today—she just presents the facts as they are written in the holy documents.
 animals_guides_for_the_soul Animals as Guides for the Soul: Stories of Life-Changing Encounters
by Susan Chernak McElroy
Ballantine Wellspring, 1998
Through stories from others and her own experience, the author presents a profound connection between animals and humans. From conflicts over the loss of a companion animal to the healing powers of wildlife, McElroy shows how many beliefs about the psychology, intelligence, and the emotional nature of animals is changing in both science and spirituality.
 animals_as_teachers_healers Animals as Teachers and Healers: True Stories and Reflections
by Susan Chernak McElroy
 Ballantine Books, 1998
McElroy explores the psychological and spiritual bonds between people and animals and lets the reader know, through her own and others’ experiences, that animals have a more significant role in our lives than has generally been considered.
 blessings_of_the_animals Blessings of the Animals: Celebrating Our Kinship with All Creation
by Gary Kowalski
Lantern Books, 2012
The author, a divinity school graduate, shares 20 stories of animals from earthworms to lowland gorillas. Each story reminds us that we are all connected, human and nonhuman animal. One story, in particular, tells us that we humans were put on earth so the animals would have a reason for living: “to teach these frail, witless newcomers how to find food and shelter, showing them which plants held the secrets of healing…[and] how to live in balance on the earth….”
 cherished Cherished: 21 Writers on Animals They Have Loved and Lost
edited by Barbara Abercrombie
New World Library, 2011
Loss of a companion animal stirs up grief, laughter, sadness, joy, and sorrow, among other emotions. The editor brings together 21 stories of animal guardians who loved and lost and most especially who have learned what it means to be an animal guardian.
Nonfiction, Secondary Topic: Companion Animals
 divinity_dogs Divinity of Dogs, The: True Stories of Miracles Inspired by Man’s Best Friend by Jennifer Skiff
Atria Books, 2012
The author has compiled 70+ stories of humans and their dogs. From the dog who detected a lump in her owner’s breast to a dog who helped his guardian through the loss of her son, the author shares inspiring stories of people and their dogs. Stories of love, tolerance compassion, joy, and sorrow abound.
Nonfiction, Secondary Topic: Companion Animals
 creature_word_God Every Creature a Word of God by Annika Spalde and Pelle Strindlund
Vegetarian Advocates Press, 2008
The authors, animal activists, have combined their personal stories of rescuing animals with the words of the Bible, Christian monks, mystics, sages, and saints. The result is an easily readable book that brings insight to our current day relationships with animals.
 good_news_all_creation Good News for All Creation: Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship
by Stephen R. Kaufman and Nathan Braun
Vegetarian Advocates Press, 2004
The authors present the case for Christian compassion through vegetarianism. They show that vegetarianism is a way to serve God by recognizing that a plant-based diet avoids damage to God’s Earth, abuse of God’s animals, squandering of food that could feed the world’s poor/hungry people, and harm to our bodies.
 life_song Life Song: In Harmony with All Creation by Bill Schul, Ph.D.
Stillpoint Publishing, 1994
This book deals with interspecies communication, an adventure in awareness, and how human life may be enriched through it. Communication with other creatures and life forms may not only be important but also critical to our survival. The author suggests the lack of interspecies communication reveals a failure to grasp an awareness of the connectedness of all life, that everything is related to everything in existence.
 pet_loss Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide by Eleanor L. Harris
Llewellyn Publications, 1998
Mourning the loss of a companion animal can be devastating. Eleanor Harris helps readers open their hearts to free them from the pain of loss and to let the loving memory of their companions comfort them as they move through the grieving process.
 rainbow_bridge Rainbow Bridge, The by Paul C. Dahm
Running Tide Press, 1997
This book is a compilation of quotes, stories, and poems about animals and their meaning to their human friends.
Nonfiction, Secondary Topic: Companion Animals
 replenish_the_earth Replenish the Earth: A History of Organized Religion’s Treatment of Animals and Nature—Including the Bible’s Message of Conservation and Kindness toward Animals by Lewis G. Regenstein
Crossroad, 1991
Regenstein provides a summary of Christian and Jewish attitudes toward animal rights from antiquity to the present day. He also provides a brief treatment of Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic attitudes on animal rights and conservation issues.
 shall_not_hurt_or_destroy They Shall Not Hurt or Destroy: Animal Rights and Vegetarianism in the Western Religious Traditions by Vasu Murti
Vegetarian Advocates Press, 2003
They Shall Not Hurt or Destroy explores the rich traditions of Judaism and Christianity favoring vegetarianism. The author cites the many Judeo-Christian writers and leaders who have argued that God cares about all Creation, and so should we. The core values and teachings of these faiths, author Vasu Murti concludes, encourage plant-based eating.
 world_peace_diet World Peace Diet, The: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony by Will Tuttle, Ph.D.
Lantern Books, 2005
Tuttle describes the impact eating an apple, a hamburger, or an egg has not just on our lives but on the lives of all around us. He details what is happening to our environment, our health, and farmed animals based on our food choices.
Nonfiction, Secondary Topics: Farmed Animals, Spirituality/Pet Loss


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