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Riley's Rescue Story

Animal hoarding is a form of animal cruelty in which individuals accumulate a large number of animals that they cannot properly care for.  Many of these animals suffer from malnutrition, upper respiratory problems, isolation, and early death.  Some people who hoard animals may feel that they are rescuing the animals in their care and that the animals love or need them.  Sadly, when animals are rescued from a hoarders’ home, they will most likely be replaced with others and the cycle will continue.

Riley was one such animal that was rescued from a hoarding situation by NHES’ animal rescue, The Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC).  She was so weak and lethargic that BAAC had to rush her to the local veterinary emergency clinic for supportive care.  She was emaciated, full of parasites, anemic with pale gums, and her head tilted severely to the left.  She also had ear mites and her head tilt was thought to be associated with a severe inner ear infection.  A week later as Riley was beginning to improve, suddenly she spiked a fever at a dangerously high level of 107 degrees.  BAAC administered antibiotics and bathed her in cool water during the night to try and lower her deadly high temperature.  Thankfully, by the next morning her fever had subsided to 103 degrees and she began improving.  Today, Riley still has a slight head tilt a reminder of her beginning in life, but that has not affected her playful nature.   She is waiting for her forever home at The Briggs Animal Adoption Center.

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