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exultant_ark Exultant Ark, The: A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasure by Jonathan Balcombe
University of California Press, 2011
The author celebrates the full range of animal life covering such topics as play, touch, love, and companionship. Accompanying his text are brilliant photographs of animals enjoying the pleasures of life. From fish to birds, turtles to cows, from African elephants to zebra sharks, the reader will find a fascinating world to which few of us ever have entry.
Nonfiction, Secondary Topic: Wildlife
forgotten_horse Forgotten Horses, The by Tony Stromberg
New World Library, 2008
Stromberg’s subjects are the crooked, lame, ordinary, old, blind, uncontrollable, disrespectful horses he has found in sanctuaries spread across the United States. They are abandoned pets, racing horses too old to run, candidates for slaughterhouses, or brood mares past their prime.
Nonfiction, Secondary Topic: Companion Animals
urban_tails Urban Tails: Inside the Hidden World of Alley Cats by Sara Neeley, photography by Knox
New World Library, 2006
Through pictures and brief accounts, the reader is introduced to the world of fragile beings who roam our cities and towns, often unnoticed, generation after generation. Knox’s striking images and Neeley’s text celebrate the survivors at the intersection of nature and industry as they play in the sun one minute and crouch dramatically beneath an 18-wheeler the next.
Nonfiction, Secondary Topic: Companion Animals


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