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Pet Safety Tips For The Holidays

Decorating for the holidays and hosting celebrations are commonplace during this time of year. Whether you are an extravagant decorator or a minimalistic one, a host for a gathering or attendee, here are a few things to consider to help keep your furry friends safe this holiday season:


Lights–whether you like white or multi-colored lights, please remember as you are untangling strands and replacing bulbs, that your pets can get burned if they chew on them. If old bubble lights are what you like to use, you may want to update them because they contain methylene chloride that can upset your pets’ stomach.

Live Tree–if your tradition is going to find the perfect tree, settle on watering your tree without any household additives in the event your pets venture under the tree for a drink.

Tinsel–if you are in the group that loves to decorate with tinsel, you will have to opt out of using this decoration for the sake of your feline friends. It can cause life-threatening injuries when swallowed.

Ornaments–preferences vary significantly in this department but keep in mind the personality of your pet. If you have a puppy, kitten, or active pet, shatterproof-ornaments would be the way to go. If you choose to decorate with edible ornaments or popcorn strands, remember to keep them out of reach from curious noses and paws.

Plants–holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias are a traditional choice when decorating, but they can upset your pets’ gastrointestinal tract or cause heart arrhythmia if your pet chews on them. Lilies are a dangerous choice to decorate with if you have cats. Swallowing one leaf can cause sudden kidney failure.


When preparing tasty treats to share with co-workers, neighbors, family, or friends keep a watchful eye on your pets’ whereabouts.

Pies, cookies, cakes, and chocolate–oh my! These treats are a delight for us to consume but can be dangerous for our pets to eat when they contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener. 

Fatty meats or gravy–may seem harmless for our pets, but even small amounts can cause pancreatitis—a life-threatening illness.


The commotion of family or friends visiting can be upsetting to your pets’ daily routine. Help keep your pets safe as well as your guest by providing a quiet place for them to retreat to during the festivities.

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