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Delaware Legislation Seeks to Give Research Animals a Second Chance

Paws Up!
June 26, 2017

To Delaware Senator Jack Walsh (D-Stanton) for introducing Senate Bill 101 that would give companion animals in research facilities a chance at finding a forever home.

Today in the field of medical research, an exorbitant amount of companion animals are still being subjected to painful tests and before finally being destroyed when they are no longer needed.  Why not give these sentient beings who have suffered so much for science, a chance at comfort and love in a home?

According to a recent news article, Delaware Senator Jack Walsh has introduced Senate Bill 101 that if passed, would stop the automatic destruction of companion animals in research labs. Instead, adoptable companion animal species would be made available for adoption after their use in medical testing. SB 101 would require research facilities operated by the state of Delaware to partner with animal shelters in order to place these animals in homes.  If passed, Delaware would become the sixth state along with California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New York, and Nevada, to pass a law of this type.

To learn more about the cruel practices of animal research, please download our free brochure.

Take Action:  Delaware residents contact your legislator to show your support that animals in research should be able to retire to loving homes.  See an example letter below:

Legislator’s Name
City, State, Zip

                                                                               Re: Adoption of Companion Animals in Research

Dear {Legislator’s Name}:

My name is {Your Name} and I am an avid dog lover. I am writing to ask that you approve Senate Bill 101 that would give companion animals in research facilities a chance at living the rest of their days in a comfortable, loving home.  I hope that one day we will live in a world where animal experimentation will no longer be used, but, until then, would you please consider adding our state to those that choose to give our furry companions a chance at happiness.  Thank you for your consideration.

{Your Name} 

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