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North Dakota May Bring Back Trapping of River Otters

Paws Down!
May 25, 2017

To the North Dakota Game and Fish Department for initiating a river otter trapping season.

River otters are known for their playful antics and social nature. Unfortunately, the Game and Fish Department in North Dakota wants to offer a trapping season for hunters to capture and kill these gentle creatures.  River otter trapping season would last from  November 27, 2017, until March 15, 2018.  The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will submit their proposed trapping season to Governor Dough Burgum (R) in July 2017.  Only residents of North Dakota would be permitted  to trap the river otters.

Trapping is a cruel form of torture used to catch desired animals for their fur.  Snare traps (a lightweight, looped cable) and body traps (a spring-loaded rectangle) are commonly used to trapped otters.  Trapping causes animals like otters to suffer a slow, painful deaths. If the animal does not die from injuries sustained by the trap, they will die from drowning.

Order our free brochure about the cruel practices of Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping here.

Take Action:  North Dakota residents, contact Governor Doug Burgum to show your opposition to having an otter trapping season.  Please see an example letter below:

Governor Burgum
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck ND, 58505-0001

                                                                               Re: River Otter Trapping

Dear Governor Burgum:

My name is {Your Name} and I am a wildlife-loving resident of North Dakota. I am writing to ask that you reject any proposal that would allow for the cruel trapping of river otters. River otters are gentle, playful animals that deserve to live in their natural habitat without fear of harm. Trapping is a cruel practice that cause immense suffering even when “correctly” deployed. Our river otters should be protected from this cruelty. Please say “No” to this practice in North Dakota.  Thank you for your consideration.

{Your Name} 

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