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On the Road with the Humane Education Team

Last year, NHES supporters raised money to purchase a new vehicle for the Humane Education Team, shown above. Humane Educators Megan Hessenberger and Hayley Miller use the new Kia Sedona to travel to schools across the U.S. so they can teach kids about being kind to animals.

What Do Humane Educators Do?

NHES’ Humane Education Team has a unique role. Combining their passion for animal welfare and teaching children, these educators travel to elementary schools across the United States to spread the message of being kind to animals through interactive and thought-provoking school assemblies, classroom activities, and after-school events. Students learn the importance of being responsible pet owners, the positive effects of spaying and neutering animals, and the benefits of adopting animals from shelters and rescues.

Why is Humane Education Important?

The National Humane Education Society’s main mission is to foster a sentiment of kindness toward animals in children and adults. Through programs such as NHES’ Kindness in the Classroom, the Humane Education Team teaches children that animals have emotions and that they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. By instilling a sense of compassion toward animals at a young age, children are more likely to grow into compassionate and responsible animal caregivers later in life.

The Humane Education Team also emphasizes safety around dogs and cats, showing students through real-life examples how to safely interact with them to help prevent animal bites. Humane Ambassadors (like Cookee, shown below) accompany the team to schools to give students first-hand experience in dog safety while also learning the value of adopting animals rather than purchasing them.

Humane Ambassador Cookee helps first graders learn how to meet a dog safely.

Where Do They Go?

The Humane Education Team has shared their Kindness in the Classroom programs in auditoriums, school cafeterias, libraries, and classrooms. From bustling New York City to rural Kentucky, these humane educators are eager to share the invaluable message of kindness and compassion toward animals with as many children as they can. It is by the generosity of NHES’ supporters that they can provide these programs at no charge to the schools so that NHES can continue its mission to create a more humane world. 

Are you an educator interested in having a Kindness in the Classroom presentation at your school? Click here for more information!

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