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North Dakota Says No To Animal Cruelty Bill

Paws Down!
January 29, 2019

To The House Agriculture Committee who decided not to pass a bill that would have kept animals from being adopted by animal abusers.

Studies have shown that when individuals knowingly inflict harm to animals, it is probable they will do the same to humans. With this knowledge, legislators throughout the United States are trying to make it difficult for abusers to adopt animals by creating animal abuse registries and increasing the penalties for animal cruelty.

Currently, North Dakota does not have strong laws to help protect animals. According to a recent news article, some lawmakers were trying to change that with House Bill 1445. This bill would have made it impossible for animals to be adopted by individuals convicted of animal abuse. The abusers would have also faced a Class A misdemeanor charge. Sadly, it was denied 8-90. The significant opposition was due to how the bill was worded.

Take Action: North Dakota residents, contact your legislators and ask them to support laws to keep companion animals out of the cruel hands of abusers.

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