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Update! Pet Purchase Protection Act Has Passed NJ State Appropriations Committee

Paws Up!

To the New Jersey General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee for passing the Pet Purchase Protection Act, which would require pet stores in New Jersey to provide only dogs and cats from animal shelters.

If passed into law, the Pet Purchase Protection Act, also known as A2338, would combat puppy mills by stopping New Jersey pet stores from selling dogs and cats sourced from commercial breeding operations. Under the bill, New Jersey pet stores would be permitted to provide adoptable animals to the public through local animal shelters.  According to a recent news article, the Pet Purchase Protection Act passed the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee in January 8-3. The General Assembly may vote on the bill by February 9. If passed by the General Assembly, the bill will go to the office of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for possible approval. Public support for this action is crucial, as incarnations of this important legislation died in previous legislative sessions.

Take action. Residents of New Jersey, contact your legislators and urge them to support the Pet Purchase Protection Act!

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