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New Bill In NY Would Keep Tenants from Leaving Pets Behind

To Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal for drafting the bill “No Pet Left Behind.”

It happens more often than we think. Tenants who are evicted or who spontaneously move out of a rental residence, leave their pets behind on the property. Sometimes the animals are locked inside a house or apartment with no food, water, or hope for escape. By the time property managers or landlords arrive to the property days or weeks later to assess the home’s condition, they may find dead or dying animals. Other times, police may arrive on a property to issue an eviction notice. If the tenants are not at home when the officer arrives, the locks may be changed, subsequently barring tenant entry and trapping any animals inside.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, a state lawmaker in New York, has proposed a law to prevent tragedies such as these from occurring in the state of New York. The No Pet Left Behind bill, or A08684, would require a police officer to check a property for the presence of companion animals before executing an order of eviction from a property. This common-sense bill will prevent the unnecessary suffering and death of animals.

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