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New Bill Would Make Depraved Acts Against Animals in Wisconsin A Felony Offense

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To Republican state Rep. Andre Jacque for introducing a bill to increase the penalty for depraved acts against animals.

Under current law, having sexual contact with an animal in Wisconsin is a misdemeanor. Recently, Rep. Andre Jacque introduced a bill to change the law, making the crime a felony offense. The bill would also increase penalties for repeat offenders. Jacque drafted the bill after becoming aware of a case in Eaton, Wisconsin. It is a disturbing crime to think about, but unfortunately these cases demonstrate the need for strict laws to protect the welfare of animals. At this writing, twenty-one states punish sexual abuse of animals as a felony offense.

Take action.

Residents of Wisconsin, contact your representatives and ask them to support a law that would change the law to allow felony charges against those who sexually abuse animals.

Re: Support Law To Increase Penalties for Depraved Acts Against Animals

Dear {Representative’s Name}:

My name is {Your Name} and I am writing to ask that you support new legislation that would make depraved acts against animals a felony offense in Wisconsin. It is abhorrent that sexual abuse against animals occurs, and that is why twenty-one U.S. states have passed laws to make this horrifying crime a felony. Please support legislation to protect the animals in our state from all forms of abuse.


{Your Name} 

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