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The Illinois Legislature is Considering A Bill That Would Protect Good Samaritans and Animals in Hot Cars

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April 12, 2018

To Illinois lawmakers for trying to amend the current Humane Care For Animals Act, that would protect Good Samaritans who rescue pets from hot vehicles from civil penalties and criminal charges.

As temperatures rise across the United State, so does the risk of injury and death for animals left unattended in vehicles. Leaving an animal in a car during warm weather, even for a few minutes, frequently results results in the harm or death of companion animals. Too many drivers mistakenly believe that rolling down windows and parking in the shade will keep a vehicle adequately cool. What they fail to realize is that the interior of a car can reach over 100 degrees in minutes, even when the car is parked in the shade with windows cracked on a breezy 70-degree day. When concerned citizens pass by a hot vehicle with an animal suffering inside, many face the legal conundrum of whether or not to break into the vehicle to save the animal’s life.

According to a recent news article, Illinois State Representative David Olsen (R) has introduced House Bill 4191, an amendment to the current Humane Care For Animals Act. If passed into law, the amendment would protect Good Samaritans who take reasonable action to assist dogs or cats left unattended in hot vehicles from civil lawsuits or criminal charges.

To learn more about keeping companion animals safe during warm weather, please download our free brochure here

Take Action:  Illinois residents, contact your legislator to express your support for H.B. 4191.  See example letter below:

{Representative’s Name}
City, Sate, Zip

RE:  Humane Care For Animals Act Amendment (H.B. 4191)

Dear {Representative’s Name},

I am an Illinois resident who loves companion animals and am writing to ask that you please support amending our state’s current Humane Care for Animals Act. Representative David Olsen has introduced House Bill 4191 to help protect individuals who come to the aid of companion animals left in hot cars. This bill would protect Good Samaritans from civil liability and criminal charges when they take reasonable action to extract an animal from a dangerously hot vehicle. Please help protect the safety of our companion animals and those who would render them aid. Thank you for your consideration.


{Your Name}
{Your Address}

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