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Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

UPDATE 9/7/17: Thanks to generous donor support, NHES is distributing additional emergency funding to Austin Pets Alive! (APA) to help care for the ever-increasing number of animal victims of Hurricane Harvey that are coming into their care.

As of Saturday (Sept. 2), APA was sheltering an estimated 1,700 animals—and more have been arriving daily. NHES applauds APA’s work and all the volunteers who have given so generously to help care for these deserving animals—and we thank NHES’ donors for making these emergency distributions possible.

Photo courtesy of Austin Pets Alive!

9/1/17: The floods from Hurricane Harvey and their aftermath have been devastating to humans and all animals—companion animals, livestock and wildlife.

Headquartered on the east coast, NHES alone does not have the resources to launch an independent animal rescue and evacuation effort on the scale that is needed. Therefore, NHES has begun distributing emergency relief funds to Austin Pets Alive! (APA) to help transport and care for the animal victims of Hurricane Harvey.
APA began networking with and transporting hundreds of animals from the shelters in the path of Hurricane Harvey before it made landfall. And, by the end of today, Sept. 1, APA and its many volunteers anticipate caring for up to 2,000 animals.

Photo courtesy of Austin Pets Alive!

As NHES supporters, we hope that you will take some comfort in knowing that your financial support is helping to alleviate fear and provide comfort to hundreds of companion animals in need. After the flood waters recede and as many animals as possible have been reunited with their families, NHES will be offering placement assistance through The Briggs Animal Adoption Center for some of the remaining animal victims.

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