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Humane Education

canines_in_the_classroom Canines in the Classroom: Raising Humane Children through Interactions with Animals by Michelle A. Rivera
Lantern Books, 2004
The author presents a most credible approach to teaching humane education, regardless of the setting or the type of student. From formal classes in school settings to brief presentations at assemblies or local animal shelters, the author addresses the needs of children and animals so that compassion can cross from one to the other.


Power and Promise of Humane Education, The by Zoe Weil
New Society Publishers, 2004
Zoe Weil, a leader in the humane education field, offers teachers clear suggestions for implementing humane education in both classrooms and non-traditional education settings. The book offers examples, case studies, activities, and resources that not only educators can use but activists, educational reformers, and home-schooling parents.


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