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Harm a Police Dog In CT, Go To Prison, According To New Bill

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To Connecticut State Senator Tony Hwang for introducing SB 241 to dramatically raise penalties for harming a police dog in Connecticut.

According to a recent press release, Connecticut may soon allow harsher punishments against those who harm police dogs. Currently, the Federal Enforcement Animal Protection Act stipulates that anyone who is found guilty of maiming or killing a federal law enforcement animal  will face a minimum fine of $1,000 and the possibility of a prison sentence up to 10 years. SB 241 would increase the penalty for intentionally injuring or killing any police or search-and-rescue animal in Connecticut to a Class C felony. Class C felonies  carry a mandatory 1-year prison sentence and up to 10 years, at the discretion of the judge.

Take action. Connecticut residents, contact your legislators and encourage them to support SB 241 to increase penalties for harming a police or search-and-rescue dog. Feel free to use NHES’ sample action letter below.

Re: SB 241 to protect police and rescue dogs

Dear Sen. or Rep. {Last Name}

I am a Connecticut resident writing to let you know that I fully support SB 241 that would increase penalties for harming a police or rescue dog. The new bill would require a mandatory sentence of up to one year and a fine up to $10,000. The law rightly extends special protections to police officers, who risk their lives in public service. The law should similarly recognize the risks undertaken by canine officers and protect them accordingly. I hope you will support SB 241.


{Your Name}
{Your Address}

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