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February 20th is Love Your Pet Day!

Companion animals bring joy to the lives of their owners everyday.  From warm morning greetings to evening relaxation time, the special bond that humans form with their animal friends is unique and rewarding. Celebrate “Love Your Pet Day” this month on February 20th by sharing some special treats and extra time with your companion animal.  Pass the love on to rescued animals too!

1. Make Some Yummy Treats.  Sharing homemade treats are a fun way to celebrate “Love Your Pet Day” with your furry friend.  Here are some recipes for your feline or canine friends.  (Always make sure your homemade treats are safe for your companion animal.)

2. Create A Valentine’s Day Card.   Get some friends together to create a special card to send to your local animal shelter or rescue group.   

3. Donate or Make Blankets.  Help keep rescued animals warm during the winter months by donating blankets to your local shelter or rescue.  Make your own no-sew blanket here.

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