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CT Passes First Law in U.S. To Allow Court Advocates for Companion Animals

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To Connecticut for passing Desmond’s Law, a statewide law allowing judges to appoint advocates for abused companion animals.

Most legal professionals are familiar with court-appointed child advocates. These advocates are attorneys who make recommendations to a court in cases that involve child abuse and neglect, legal custody of children, and adoption of minor children.  Thanks to the passage of “Desmond’s Law” in the state of Connecticut, a judge can now similarly appoint court advocates to make recommendations of actions that would best serve animals in a court case.

According to a recent news article, the advocates are volunteer attorneys or law students that are approved as legal advocates for animal-related cases. In the six months that the legislation has been enacted, five advocates have already been appointed by judges in Connecticut.

“Desmond’s Law” is named in honor of a dog named Desmond who was starved and then strangled to death in 2012.

Take action. Citizens of all states, contact your legislatures and urge them pass effective laws to prevent animal cruelty.

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