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City Council of Columbus, OH Eyes Rule To Limit Number of Hours Dog Can Be Chained

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To the City Council of Columbus, Ohio, for considering a new ordinance that would limit the number of hours a dog could be chained outdoors.

According to a recent news article, the Columbus City Council is considering a new rule that would limit the number of hours a dog can be chained outdoors. The city ordinance would also address weather conditions and the types of tethers that could be used. Eighteen municipalities in Ohio address dog chaining, including Akron, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. The Council hopes to approve the measure in September, 2017.

Take action. Residents of Columbus, Ohio, contact your city council and express your support of a city law to stop the continuous dog chaining.

Re:  Columbus Law To Restrict Dog Chaining

Dear Columbus City Council:

My name is {Your Name} and I am writing to express my support of new local law to restrict the practice of long-term dog chaining in Columbus. Dog chaining creates a life of misery for dogs who remain solitary and tethered for much of their lives and kills many while they are still young.  Chained dogs cannot escape from aggressive wild animals or free-roaming dogs. They may tip over and empty water bowls while dragging a chain and many have died from strangulation after trying to jump over a dog house or other object while chained. Their surroundings quickly become dusty or muddy circles infested with urine and feces. These are just a few reasons why dog chaining is dangerous, unsightly, and most of all — inhumane. As a local resident, I urge you to work towards passing a law to help our chained dogs.

{Your Name} 


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