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Children’s Chapter Books

animal_rights_both_sides Animal Rights: Both Sides of the Story by Patience Coster
Rosen Publishing, 2013
As the title indicates, both sides of the animal rights issue is presented in the seven chapters covering everything from the food we eat to the use of animals in science. The reader is given enough information to come to his or her own conclusions on whether animals deserve rights and what the definition of those rights might be.
Nonfiction, Animal Rights
black_beauty Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
Puffin Books, 2008
This is one of the first animal welfare novels and teaches kindness, sympathy, and respect for all living things, especially working animals as it follows the sometimes painful, sometimes joyous life of a horse. Black Beauty can be found in many editions, readers should be aware that some are abridged or adapted and therefore omit some of Sewell’s original story.
Fiction, Companion Animals
charlottes_web Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
Harper Collins, 2001
A wise spider helps a charming young pig avoid becoming dinner in the most creative of ways. This children’s classic teaches animal welfare along with valuable life lessons in a gentle, friendly format.
Fiction, Farmed Animals
animal_friendly How to be Animal Friendly by Philippa Perry and Caroline Grimshaw
Element Children’s Books, 1999
A lively look at the kindest (and coolest) ways to eat, shop, live, and be animal friendly. Full of fascinating facts about animal welfare and interesting ways kids of any age can help animals.
Nonfiction, Animal Welfare
last_polar_bears Last Polar Bears, The by Harry Horse
Peachtree Publishers, 2007
After seeing polar bears living in a small, dirty zoo, Grandfather and his dog Roo set off on an expedition to find the last polar bears living in the wild. Eccentric, moving, and very funny, this story is told through a series of letters.
Fiction, Companion and Wild Animals
magic_finger Magic Finger, The by Roald Dahl
Puffin Books, 2008
When a young girl gets angry at her duck-hunting neighbors, her magic finger causes some wacky mischief. The characters all learn a lesson about treating others as you wish to be treated—whether human or animal.
Fiction, Animal Welfare
nine_lives_travis_keating Nine Lives of Travis Keating, The by Jill Maclean
Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2008
After Travis’ mother dies of cancer, he moves with his father to the coast in Newfoundland. There he devotes his time caring for a colony of stray cats, but before long, he’s over his head and needs help protecting these abandoned felines.
Fiction, Companion Animals
on_parade On Parade: The Hidden World of Animals in Entertainment by Rob Laidlaw
Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2010
This book describes the desperate circumstances of sentient, high-functioning animals who are suffering right here in the United States. This book provides a portal into the realities of greyhound racetracks, circuses, and other entertainment venues where physical and psychological harm to animals is a business norm. Although the book spares the reader from gory images, several photographs depict the disturbing reality of many captive animals.
Nonfiction, Animal Welfare
petsitters_club Pet Sitters Club #1 Jilly the Kid, The by Tessa Krailing
Barrons, 1998
The Pet Sitters Club #1 is a comical but educational story of a group of kids who start a pet sitting club for a school community service project. When the children pet-sit a goat, they have quite an adventure while learning responsibility at the same time. The entire The Pet Sitters Club series is fantastic!
Fiction, Companion and Farmed Animals
goldie Puppy Place, The: Goldie by Ellen Miles
Scholastic, 2006
Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. They have a puppy of their own but also foster dogs who that need help finding new homes. When Charles and Lizzie find an abandoned puppy in the country, they try to help find him a forever home!
Fiction, Companion Animals
shiloh Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Aladdin Books, 2000
This John Newbery Medal winning book tells the uplifting story of 11-year-old Marty Preston, who is determined to protect a beagle he calls Shiloh from an abusive owner. This book follows Marty as he struggles with his moral beliefs, obedience to his parents, and personal sacrifice in order to do the right thing.
Fiction, Companion Animals
wild_animals Wild Animals in Captivity by Rob Laidlaw
Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2008
Examine the lives of wild animals in zoos and other facilities. What are these animals’ lives like? How can they be better? Are there some animals that shouldn’t be there at all?
Nonfiction, Animals in Entertainment
wreck_of_the_ethie Wreck of the Ethie, The by Hilary Hyland
Peachtree Publishers, 1999
This fictional account of a true story describes the details that could have happened when Skipper, a family dog, saves his family from a sinking ship.
Fiction, Companion Animals
home_for_abigail A Home for Abigail by S. Marriott Cook
Jabberwocky Books, 2015
Alone and abandoned on a deserted street, a dog tries her best to tell people she needs help. When she has almost given up–a kind lady stops . . . .
Join Abigail on her journey as she becomes a beloved family member in a forever home. Based on a true story, A Home for Abigail is a book to be enjoyed by pet lovers of all ages.


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