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Bill to Fund West Virginia Spay and Neuter Program is Gaining Support

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To The West Virginia House Agriculture Committee for passing H.B. 2552, to fund the WV Spay and Neuter Program (WV SNAP) with fees from pet food manufacturers selling product in the state.

West Virginia has one of the highest per capita rates of companion animal ownership in the United States; it also has one of the lowest median household incomes of any state in the U.S. Considering this, it is no surprise that many West Virginia families struggle to pay for spay and neuter surgeries for their dogs and cats, leaving thousands of animals without homes and proper care.

In observation of this, the West Virginia General Assembly passed a law in 2013 to establish WV SNAP to subsidize spay and neuter surgeries for animal owners in the state. Unfortunately, the program was established without any plan for how the program might be funded.

That is where H.B. 2552 comes in. This bill, introduced to the 2017 legislative session, would use funds from fees charged to pet food manufacturers that do business in West Virginia to fund WV SNAP. By raising that fee by just $100, the WV SNAP program would receive $900,000 each year. No money would be taken from the state budget.

Take action. West Virginians, contact your legislators and urge them to vote yes on H.B. 2552.



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