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An Arizona Senator is Pushing for State Animal Cruelty Registry

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September 28, 2017

To Arizona Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, for pushing to establish a statewide animal cruelty registry in Arizona.

The most extreme forms of animal cruelty — animal torture, violence against animals, competitive animal fighting, and the malicious killing of an animal must be taken seriously. Not only are people who commit these acts unfit to own animal, many of these offenders will commit violent acts against humans as well. As a result, many municipalities around the country have imposed public animal cruelty registries that allow citizens to review the identities of felony animal cruelty offenders in a given area. Tennessee is the only state to have imposed a statewide registry felony animal cruelty offenders.  

According to a recent news article, Sen. John Kavanagh has announced plans to re-introduce his bill that would create a statewide, public animal abuse registry in Arizona. Like the Tennessee law, the registry would name and otherwise identify Arizona residents convicted of felony animal cruelty.

The proposed registry could prove helpful to breeders, animal rescues, which could use the registry to screen potential pet owners.

Take action.
Arizona residents, contact your legislators and urge them to support a bill to create a statewide animal cruelty registry in Arizona.

Re:  Arizona Animal Cruelty Registry

Dear Representative/Senator ____________,

My name is {Your Name} and I am an Arizona resident writing to express my support of a statewide animal cruelty registry. Demonstrations of violence towards animals and depraved indifference to an animal’s suffering are well-documented as one of the earliest and most reliable predictors of later acts of violence against humans, and are seldom one-time occurrences. Please support a law to identify those guilty of the worst crimes against animals.

{Your Name} 

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