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Animal Welfare...In Schools!

If you are a teacher or know a teacher, you are likely aware that public schools help their students master traditional subjects and all manner of life skills from healthy eating habits to effective interpersonal communication.

School Counselor Mary Brittingham holds a “shelter dog ambassador” at Blue Ridge Elementary in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Many teachers are likewise recognizing the benefits of helping children form responsible habits with animals early in life. Dogs, cats, and other companion animals are a major part of modern living. Many students have at least one animal in their homes, or regularly visit homes that do. When children learn about safety with pets, animal care, adoption, and spay and neuter, they are more likely to enjoy healthy relationships with animals throughout their lives. Also, educating future animal owners is instrumental in curbing animal overpopulation and cruelty. When we create a better generation of people, we will create better lives for animals now and in the future.

NHES offers free “Kindness In The Classroom” humane education presentations to schools across the U.S. to teach youth in the K-5 grade levels about animal welfare. NHES educators also distribute humane lesson plans for the classroom. If you are, or know an education professional interested in ideas to integrate humane education into the upcoming school year, please send us an email at 

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