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Animal Abusers in Texas Will Receive Harsher Sentences Thanks to Governor Abbott

Paws Up!
June 26, 2017

To Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) for passing legislation that would create harsher penalties for convicted animal abusers.

Companion animals can be found in over 50% of homes throughout the United States.  The comfort, joy, companionship, and help these animals provide to their families is undeniable. Why someone would choose to harm these gentle beings is unfathomable. According to a recent news article, Texans who commit grievous offenses against these sentient beings will be facing harsher convictions thanks to Governor Greg Abbott (R) starting September 1, 2017.  Senate Bill 762 was introduced by Senator Jose Mendez (D-San Antonio) and makes causing intentional harm to a companion animal a third degree felony. Individuals convicted of this type of animal abuse may face two to ten years in jail. 

Take Action:  Texans contact Governor Greg Abbott and thank him for passing Senate Bill 762 to help create stricter laws against those who abuse our companion animal friends.

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