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New Law in Ohio Cracks Down on Inhumane Puppy Mill Practices

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To Ohio Governor John Kasich for passing new law to combat puppy mills.

According to a recent news article, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a new bill into law to improve living conditions for dogs in large breeding facilities. The new law makes it illegal for breeders to stack cages. Likewise, it will be unlawful for breeders to house animals in cages with a wire floor. Dogs will also be legally entitled to more daily activity, socialization, and improved shelter.

Take action. Ohio residents, contact Governor Kasich and thank him for signing legislation to prevent cruelty to animals in breeding facilities. Feel free to use NHES’ sample action letter when composing your correspondence.

Dear Gov. Kasich,

I am writing to thank you for passing legislation to better ensure the health and comfort of dogs and puppies in breeding operations. Large-scale commercial breeders and backyard breeders, collectively referred to as “puppy mills,” house dogs in unsanitary living conditions that exhibit a gross lack of care. Breeding dogs and puppies are not afforded socialization, exercise, or basic veterinary care. When the puppies are eventually sold to consumers at a high mark-up, health problems caused by their lack of responsible breeding may quickly become evident to their owners. Passing this legislation to keep puppy mills out of Ohio is a huge accomplishment for anyone who loves animals.

With great appreciation,

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