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Should Rescuers Who Damage a Car To Save a Life Be Liable for Damages? This AZ Senator Doesn't Think So.

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To Arizona Senator John Kavanaugh for drafting and sponsoring legislation that would protect Good Samaritans from risk of civil lawsuits that may otherwise arise from actions relating to the rescue of a child or pet from a hot car.

Each year, companion animals and unattended children die as a result of being left unattended in hot cars. Temperatures can soar to over 100 degrees inside a vehicle, even when the outside temperature is a breezy 75 degrees. Heat stroke can cause irreversible brain damage and even death to a mammal trapped within these conditions. In these instances, especially when a trapped child or animal is already showing symptoms of hyperthermia, rescuers must act quickly.  When the vehicle doors are locked, it may be necessary for rescuers to break a door or window to gain access to the child or animal inside.

According to a recent news article,  Arizona Senator John Kavanaugh has drafted and is sponsoring H.B. 2494, legislation to protect rescuers in the aforementioned situation from lawsuits from vehicle owners. Under provisions of the bill, the rescuer must believe in good faith that the confined child or pet is in imminent danger, must notify authorities before entering the vehicle, and must remain with the child or animal until authorities arrive. H.B. 2494 has already passed the Arizona Senate and moves on the House for consideration.

Take action. Arizona residents, contact your representatives and politely urge them to pass H.B. 2494 into law, with this simple message:

“My name is {Your Name} and I am writing to express my support of H.B. 2494, a bill to protect Good Samaritans from lawsuits after rescuing a child or animal from a hot vehicle. Minutes of hesitation on part of a rescuer may be the difference of life and death for a child or animal in Arizona. No rescuer should have to worry about damage to a car window or door when an innocent life is in danger. I hope you will support passage of this important bill.”


{Your Name}



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