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      Youth as Humane Educators Contest

    The Fall 2010 Contest Theme


    “Circus Life: Is it fun for the Animals?



    Poster Entries

    Essay Entries



    First Place




    Ryan D. Ngo, 1st Grade


    Page Jackson Elementary School, WV


     "The Sad Lion"









     First Place


     Micah Tratt, 4th Grade

    Seattle Jewish Community School, WA


    “…If more people knew that the animals were getting whipped, hit, poked, and even shocked just to get them ready to perform in the circus, people would protest by not giving the animal circus industry business…”

    From Micah’s essay, “Under The Big Top”


    Second Place


    Sarah Miller, 5th Grade

    Valley Middle School, CA


    “…most families don’t realize that circus animals live a life of traveling and never get to relax; they never have a real home. They are always on tour…”

    From Sarah’s essay, “Circus Deception”



    Third Place


    Yacov Paley, 4th Grade

    Seattle Jewish Community School, WA


    …”How would you feel if you were chained to the floor of a crate for 18 hours a day? …The animals didn’t ask for the stress and horrible conditions—this is not the life they deserve…”

    From Yacov’s essay, “How would you feel…”








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